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Our Mission

Supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research as well as a number of selected partners, Young Entrepreneurs in Science strives to strengthen Germany's position as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurial thinking by accelerating the transition of research discoveries from lab to market. 


The Programme

The development of entrepreneurial potential and the advancement of entrepreneurs among the next generation of scientists – this is the mission of Young Entrepreneurs in Science. In collaboration with partners from science and business the Falling Walls Foundation is establishing an educational programme to cultivate entrepreneurial thinking among German PhD candidates and to build a dynamic community of entrepreneurs and thought leaders who are ready to change the world. 

Germany’s 200,000 PhD candidates represent a creative resource that has not yet been appropriately addressed to promote entrepreneurship and to create economic value. Young Entrepreneurs in Science is a low-threshold and scalable training and advancement programme to promote awareness about entrepreneurship among PhD students across the country. 

The programme, which was launched at the end of 2017, will generate enthusiasm for entrepreneurial thinking in higher education and accelerate the transition of research discoveries from lab to market.

Supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the Falling Walls Foundation conducted a brief analysis in order to design a programme according to current needs and challenges of entrepreneurship among young scientists. In order to read a German version of the research please click here

Please click here for the final report Schlussbericht Modellphase 

Our Partners

The most exciting innovations derive from cross-disciplinary collaboration. Benefit from working with leading research universities and institutions to support entrepreneurship and innovation education development.

The Falling Walls Foundation forms partnerships with a select group of universities and organizations interested in developing entrepreneurship education programmes and curricula. These collaborations are custom designed to maximize the impact our partners seek to create in their regions.

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Young Entrepreneurs in Science: 

Dr. Anne Heinze (anne.heinze@falling-walls.com)


The most exciting innovations derive from cross-disciplinary collaboration. 
Join the initiative and benefit from cooperating with Germany‘s leading research universities and institutions.