Berlin 8/9 November The International Conference on Future Breakthroughs in Science and Society


Falling Walls Berlin 2019: Sorry, we're sold out!

The Falling Walls Conference 2019 is on! Thanks to all of you who booked tickets - we take the pace and number at which you did so as a compliment. Sorry to say we're fully booked and cannot allow any further ticket purchases at this point.


In case you cannot be at the Falling Walls Conference in person this year,
you're most welcome to join the events on November 8 and 9 online in our Livestream.



Please be back for Falling Walls Berlin 2020!


We'd be glad to see you (back) at the Falling Walls Conference 2020 (taking place, as every year, on the Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall  on Nov 8 and 9 )! Until official ticket sales start next year, secure yourself a conference ticket at the reduces first call rate by pre-registering.


For  questions regarding tickets or booking, please contact us at registration@falling-walls.com. 

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Pre-Registration for the Falling Walls Conference

Try out the online event registration system from XING Events.



Thank you very much for your interest in the Falling Walls Programme. This year’s conference is sold out and there are no more tickets available. 
You will be able to purchase tickets for the Falling Walls Conference 2016 from 10 November 2015 on.
Your Falling Walls Team